Healthy Lifestyle
enhancing sexual desire
finding your life partner
healthy relationship skills
lifestyle stress & intimacy
mixed orientation couples
money trauma
negative sexual experiences
obesity & intimacy
optimal dating
pornography abuse
post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
relationship trauma
relationship sabotage
sexual orientation concerns
sexual self-image
sexual sabotage
trauma resolution

Men's Sexuality
delayed ejaculation
early ejaculation
erection problems
men abused as children
orgasm difficulties
pain during intercourse
straight men who have sex with men

Women's Sexuality
orgasm difficulties
pain during intercourse
painful touch
women abused as children
How I Help

I help men, women and couples thrive in matters of the heart, at the crossroads of their relationship, their health, and their sexuality.

Relationship Intimacy
adults abused as children
adult ADHD
affair recovery
anger management
betrayal recovery & repair
cardiovascular disease
chronic illness
compulsive spending
conflict resolution 
dating skills
dislike of touch
divorce recovery
emotional abuse

Couples Sexual Concerns
adults abused as children
avoidant sexual behavior
bisexual behavior

differences in sexual desire
low sexual desire
​mixed orientation couples
negative sexual experiences
orgasm difficulties
pain during intercourse
same sex couples

​sex during pregnancy
sexually transmitted disease
​stranger sex

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