Sex Addiction (Sexual Dysregulatory Behavior)

Healthy sex is a powerful means of self-expression involving profound feelings of attachment, desire and passion that deeply enrich one's quality of life. 

In contrast, men and women struggling with dysregulatory sexual behavior (often called sex addiction) frequently complain of feeling isolated from their partner, and many times from life in general.

Basically a constellation of various sexual dysregulatory behaviors (SDB), someone with SDB has difficulty effectively managing his or her sexual impulses or desire. Having multiple causes, SDB can result in serious consequences. These may include the loss of a marriage, job termination, sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis C, genital warts, and others). Those struggling with SDB often encounter adverse legal actions or financial problems.

Although they may know the risks, those with SDB often cruise bars and nightclubs for stranger sex, seek sex from prostitutes, or struggle with compulsive masturbation. They often obsessively use pornography, do pay-to-play phone sex, or seek internet hookups.  

Each case involving SDB is unique and must be evaluated on an individual basis. There is no one size fits all, cookie-cutter answer. Psychotherapy that integrates sex therapy as part of treatment has been found to be very effective for establishing a healthy sexual lifestyle and relationship. 

If you are concerned about your sexual behavior, or the sexual behavior of somebody you love, I invite you to contact me. With more than 20 years experience helping men, women and couples struggling with SDB, it is likely that I can help. I will call you back so that we may confidentially discuss your situation.

​Having multiple causes, SDB can result in serious consequences. These may include the loss of one's marriage, job termination, sexual disease, legal actions and financial problems.
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