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The purpose of this website is to provide quality and value through education, information, and professional resources that serve to support the general public in matters relating to health and wellbeing. The focus is upon themes important to personal relationship wellbeing, including but not limited to sexuality, mental health, disease states, and personal wellness practices. 

It seeks to help men, women, and couples in a manner that supports general mental and physical health, that is also characterized by the benchmarks of adult autonomy, personal dignity, respectful dialogue, satisfying relational intimacy, compassion, and personal integrity.

It seeks to inform the general public of various available viable alternatives to a narrow thinking about health as being merely about the absence of pathological and/or psychopathological symptoms. As such, it seeks to identify and discuss the measures and skill-sets that characterize personal wellness and flourishing.

It seeks to both broadly and specifically educate men, women, and couples about personal relationship wellbeing through promoting the skills and practices that support personal wellness and flourishing through personal responsibility and, as needed, the utilization of professional health and wellness resources.

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Please note that all content of this website by Dr. Kisling is intended for educational purposes only. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for any clinical, ethical, or legal advice, and should NOT be considered to be a substitute for seeking professional assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical and/or /psychiatric disorder, or ethical and/or legal concerns. The potential risks associated with improper diagnosis or treatment can only be minimized by consultation with a qualified mental health professional. This website does not determine or warrant the competence of any mental health professional listed therein. Use of this website is wholly voluntary by the user, and will not result in any liability against its owner. In no event shall said owner be liable for damages to any user of this website for the voluntary selection of any listed mental health professional for any services provided, or for any other damages which may occur. 

The owner of this website does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in or referred to in and from this website, and cannot and does not provide any warranties related to resulting services from any clinician listed in this website. Users of this website are advised to seek the advice of a physician or other licensed health provider with any concerns regarding a medical or mental health condition. Each individual case must be addressed on it's own merits, separately and individually. This website does not seek to provide any definitive interpretation of any of the complex and often conflicting and ambiguous clinical practices as they relate to best practices, state and federal laws, regulations, professional standards, and guidelines. 

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The purpose of this website is to provide reliable resources that promote relational and sexual wellbeing for individuals and couples. If you are a licensed clinician, and are interested in collaboratively listing your private practice, please click here. Your inquiry is welcomed!​
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This website and/or Dr. Kisling does not determine or warrant the qualifications or competence of any mental health professional, medical professional, allied health professional, and/or legal professional identified therein. In like manner, the listing of any organization therein does not constitute an endorsement of its services.

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