A little bit about me.

I am passionate about helping men and women in what matters most in their lives, at the crossroads of their humanity, sexuality and health. It has been my profound privilege to help individuals and couples create intimacy wholeness and healthy relationship lifestyles over 20 years. All are welcome. 

I specialize in helping men, women and couples overcome problems often expressed in intimacy discord and sexual distress. Whether straight or LGBT, BDSM or kink, or unwanted sexual behavior, these problems often involve hidden feelings of aloneness or confusion, and are often accompanied by anger, depression, anxiety, or hopelessness. There may be emotional or physical trauma that has not been resolved that is taking its toll on both relationship and career.

I offer extensive experience with the career-relationship integration challenges uniquely encountered by startup founders, professional athletes, performing artists, and legal and health professionals. I work regularly with international professionals working in the U.S. who are from India, Korea, China, South Africa, Middle East and Europe. 

​I am passionate about the interconnections between health, sex, career and relationships. Whether you have a corporate team resourcing need, or it's something for your non-profit or civic service group, I want to help you achieve your goals through a workshop or retreat. I welcome your inquiry.

Ph.D., Psychology, with specialization in Health Psychology
   Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
M.A., Counseling Psychology
   University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA
M.Div., Pastoral Ministry
   Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary, Fresno, CA

Marriage & Family Therapist
Washington license no. LF1491
California license no. LMFT33838

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Life can sometimes be difficult.
Love doesn't have to be.

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