Does psychotherapy really work?​

​Yes. Much rigorous research has shown psychotherapy can bring many benefits. It can help with many problems in your personal relationships and many specific concerns for your quality of life:

  • Behavior negatively impacting your career
  • Problems putting your marriage into distress
  • Actions damaging your financial stability
  • Habits putting your health at risk

Therapy is not a spectator experience. It works best with your active involvement. Those who prioritize working on themselves tend to have the most successful therapy outcomes. 

While it tends to look different for each individual or couple, you will likely find yourself using some of your free time a little bit differently while in therapy, to make the most of your work. 

Because the nature of therapy involves investigating and challenging the sources of pain that one has been experiencing, at times there may be some temporary emotional discomfort. Exploring those sources are important to helping make sustained positive changes in your life or relationship. 

As a general guideline, it is helpful to give yourself at least 6 months in therapy so that you may see the benefit of your work. 

If you are ready for things to be different, call me at 425-247-1880  or email me here to schedule a free 20-minute phone call. I'll call you to discuss your situation. It's confidential and there's no obligation.

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​Life can sometimes be difficult.
Love doesn't have to be.

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