What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy can help with a wide range of sexual intimacy concerns. These include differences in sexual desire, compulsive sex, erectile dysfunction, vaginal pain, sexual avoidance, gender identity concerns, overcoming emotional, physical and sexual trauma, and more. 

Sex therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy for men, women and couples that focuses upon the thoughts, feelings and behavior that one experiences as a sexual being. It is a powerful means of improving emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship. 

The psychotherapist who treats sexual problems has specialized training in sexual psychology and physiology, anatomy, and general psychophysiology. He knows the range of healthy sexual behavior, is knowledgable about sexual disease, and understands the various underlying causes of different sexual problems. Sexuality across the lifespan is understood, including how chronic illness can affect sexuality. 

A sex therapist provides a safe place for personal exploration and growth without judgment, does not impose a sexual political agenda, and maintains clear professional boundaries. Legitimate sex therapy never involves disrobing with a therapist, having sex in front of a therapist, or having sex with a therapist.

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