What should I look for in a therapist?

Finding the right therapist is very important to the success of your therapy. The best way to determine if we are a good match is for both of us to ask each other questions when we talk.

Here are some questions to consider as you search for a therapist. If you would like to discuss how I might help you, I welcome your call.

  • Do you feel accepted, without judgmental assumptions?

  • Are your life-experiences and their meaning to you explored?

  • Is there is a depth of willingness to understand your problem?

  • Do you collaboratively work on what brought you into therapy?

  • Are boundaries clearly maintained, with no sexual innuendos?

  • Is your feedback regularly requested in your therapy?

  • Are others from your life welcomed into your therapy?

  • Do you feel respected for your perspective on things?

  • Are your daily pressures acknowledged during therapy?

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