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A Special Note

After 25 years serving the men, women and couples of the Peninsula and Silicon Valley, my practice in Los Altos closed its doors the last week of February 2015. My practice is now in Redmond, Washington.

​If you are seeking a therapist in the Peninsula-Silicon Valley area, I invite you to consider the following clinicians. Please note that while the information listed was current at the time of posting, this page is not being monitored, and contact information may not be current.

Psychotherapy: Men, Women & Couples
Jonathan Arnold, Ph.D.: 650-570-7273 (San Mateo)
Ellyn Bader, Ph.D.: 650-327-5915 (Palo Alto)
Invia Betjoseph, LMFT: 408-920-1730 (San Jose)
George Deabill, Ph.D. LMFT: 650-494-3363 (Palo Alto)
Mark Howard, Ph.D.: 650-255-0460 (Burlingame)
Linda Jenks, LMFT: 650-306-0339 (Palo Alto)
Robert Navarra, Psy.D., LMFT: 650-593-8087 (San Carlos)
Holly Osment, LMFT: (408) 550-5101 (Los Gatos)
Gerald Puk, Ph.D.: 650-328-1099 (Palo Alto)
Jan Schroeder, LMFT: 650-941-9016 (Los Altos)
Judy Tyler, LMFT: 408-496-1513 (Los Altos)

Stacy Banks, MD: 650-469-1360 (Los Altos)
Bharat Bhushan, MD: 650-562-3635 (Palo Alto)
Lawrence Choy, MD: 650-469-1360 (Los Altos)
Magdolna Dunai, MD: 650-325-2448 (Palo Alto)
Kim Holland, MD: 650-949-9892 (Los Altos)
Reed Kaplan, MD: 650-325-6633 (Menlo Park)
Cecylia Nowakowska, MD., Ph.D.: 650-776-5560 (Palo Alto)
Zaakir Yoonas, MD: 650-469-1360 (Los Altos)

Sex Therapy
Ruth Clifford, Ph.D.: 650-949-5199 (Los Altos)
George Deabill, Ph.D., LMFT: 650-494-3363 (Palo Alto)
Marty Klein, Ph.D., LMFT: 650-856-6533 (Palo Alto)
June Martin, Ph.D.: 650-348-4835 (San Mateo)
Monica Stone, LMFT: 650-858-1526 (Menlo Park)

You may also wish to consider contacting a therapist through any of the following resources:

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists
Psychology Today

Please note that practice-related inquiries can be made by email by clicking here or by calling (650) 948-2701 or (425) 247-1880. 

My new office address is:
Jeffrey Kisling, Ph.D., MFT
7901 168th Avenue NE, Ste. 101
Redmond, WA 98052

7901 168th Avenue NE, Suite 101
Redmond, Washington 98052

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Jeff Kisling, Ph.D., MFT
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