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Sometimes, we just hurt.

Perhaps you are reeling from a betrayal, or the pain of a relationship somehow gone wrong.

Maybe you yearn to be close, but instead, you feel disconnected or taken for granted. You wonder why you are together.

Sex might be unsatisfying or perhaps even non-existent. You find yourself dreading the expectations of romance.

Perhaps you are exhausted from fighting. You wonder whether the only option left is ending your relationship.

Your relationship doesn't have to be this way. Your life can be better.

Whether from a relationship or something else, pain is a warning that something important needs attention. 

And when that pain is repetitive, it's telling you that it's not going to be enough to simply put things back the way they were.

Whatever it's source, pain is your signal that it's time to change something in your life for the better.

That it's time for more. To heal. To grow. For a more satisfying life and relationship.

With more than 25 years of experience, I want to help you create the kind of relationship you have always wanted.

Do you want more of any of these?

  • Closeness and open-hearted intimacy
  • The end of destructive arguments
  • Sexually satisfying erotic play
  • Shared purpose and shared respect
  • Relationship repair from betrayal
  • Deeper loving acceptance and trust
  • Recovery and freedom from past trauma

If you answered "yes," I invite you to take the next step for a better relationship and life.

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Not ready for an appointment but have questions? Fill out the form below, or call me at (866) 605-7167I will get back to you to confidentially answer your questions and concerns. 

Available online for residents of California, Washington, or Wisconsin.
Life can sometimes be difficult.
Love doesn't have to be.

Jeff Kisling, Ph.D., MFT
Online •  California • Washington • Wisconsin
After serving Silicon Valley and the Peninsula for 25 years, I have moved my practice to Redmond, Washington. 

If you are seeking a therapist in Silicon Valley or the Peninsula, click here. 

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Redmond, Washington
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"I highly recommend Dr. Kisling as a therapist and as a consultant for his expertise in health behavior and in sexual health and relationships."

Dr. Robert Navarra
  Palo Alto, California
COVID-19 has upended our lives. In the best interest of helping us all stay healthy, I have moved my practice exclusively online. If you live in Washington, California, or Wisconsin, I invite you to call me at 866-605-7167 to set up a free first session to explore whether meeting online might work for you.
Please note that at this time I am not accepting new clients. If you would like me to contact you when there is an opening, call me at 866-605-7167.